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Website SEO Audit service

Let your site be well-optimised and well-performed by our SEO audit service, in which you will get a thorough analysis of your site as well as your competitor’s site to improve your website ranking. 

We Offer at Globials

Technical SEO Audit Service - A Tremendous Strategy to Dominate

We perform a comprehensive audit of your site from all tactics of Search Engine Optimisation; Technical, On-page, and Off-page, which ultimately drive enormous traffic to your site.

Service Overview;

Get a Full-Fledge SEO Audit Service for Your Business!

To beat the competitive market, it’s inevitable to analyse the website’s analytics and overall ranking. The all-in-one and abrupt way is SEO Audit which delivers actionable insight. Because a site doesn’t perform well and get a high ranking until it’s keenly analysed, how well its web presence with respect to the best practice. 

As we have been providing SEO audit service for more than FIVE years to our clients, our keen observations and business insight ensure the complete site audit with 100% transparency and accuracy. Once we inspect your site from all angles and dimensions and highlight the actual loopholes which affect the organic search performance. Then we construct a reliable strategy to improve the site’s health and make an action plan to crush your competitor with more efficient working and boost the ranking. By creating the implementation plans and strategies, we ensure measurable results for your site. Primarily we inspect; 

Service Insight

About Our SEO Audit

First, we study your business needs, current SEO strategy, and objectives. Then we conduct an in-depth analysis of your site from all aspects and directions, identify the issues to lose the organic traffic, and make a strategic roadmap to optimise and improve your site’s ranking. 

In order to grow your business, get more organic traffic, and generate high revenue, it’s very important to rank your site high in SERPs. Because the more it remains at the top of search engines, the more users will approach it. And it’s only possible when your site will be completely analysed. 

Generally, we make weekly and monthly plans. But from inspection to action, our SEO audit service takes a month. Because it takes a minimum of one month to figure out the loopholes and fix them properly. So, we provide our clients with a complete monthly report with all statistics. 

We offer our THREE packages depending on the various steps in SEO auditing. Each one has particular features. Therefore, their rates also vary. So, go through all of them and choose the best to get our service. To get this service, you may visit our Order Page and get to know about our packages. 

Our Core Competencies 

Cleaning Up Penalties

We follow the updated Google algorithms and remove all the low-quality & spammy links to recover penalties.

Traffic Loss Assessment

We inspect Google Analytics data to find the cause of the site's traffic loss and make sure it's properly indexing.

Fixing a site’s Nut-Bolts

From technical errors to accessibility, keyword targeting to ranking drop, we assess all issues & ensure fixing them.

Defeating Competitors

By comparing competitors’ sites, we analyse the tactful points and merge them into our action plan to perform better.

Totality Work

Glimpses of Our SEO Audit Service for Our Worthy Clients

We have provided our SEO audit service for a number of clients with complete satisfaction. Some common things what we’ve shared with all our clients;

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