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Our Package for Local SEO Audit

In order to meet your business demands, we offer our affordable Local SEO audit packages that assure to analyse all the loopholes and opportunities for ranking your any-sized business in your targeted region.

For In-Budget Services

Globials Offers Standard Packages of Local SEO Audit to Gain High Visibility in Local Search Results

As to initiate a business, there’s essential to search the market and analyse all the aspects and dimensions of the business. To make it a leading business in the local market, it’s also significant to analyse the digital landscape of its locality. For this, we offer our 4 remarkable packages of Local SEO Audit that will let you know all the highs and lows of your local business in a strategic manner. So, choose any of the given packages wisely.

Mini Package


In this Local SEO Audit plan, you will get from our side; 

Starting from £99.99 /Month

Mini Package


In this Local SEO Audit plan, you will get from our side; 

Starting from £199.99 /Month

Mini Package


In this Local SEO Audit plan, you will get from our side; 

Starting from £299.99 /Month

Mini Package


In this Local SEO Audit plan, you will get from our side; 

Starting from £399.99 /Month

Our Thriving Local SEO Audit Package

Dig Out into Our Result-Oriented and Custom Local SEO Audit Package

Getting the deep insight of the current situation of a local business, at Globials, we have proposed our custom package of Local SEO audit that can provide you with a wide understanding of your physical business.

In order to identify and prioritise the potential of a business from optimising the website to landing organic traffic to the door steps, get professional assistance from our Local SEO audit service via this custom-built package that is prospective to help you in;

All in One Package

We Put Forward Our Systematic Custom Local SEO Audit Package for You

With the keen diagnosing expertise for years, our highly experience professionals of Local SEO ensure you the best audit report that covers all the positive and negative outlook of your local business in the given package. It’s well-equipped with;

£999 /month

How Our Methodical Local SEO Audit Works

Let Your Local Business More Visible in Local Searches via Deep Diagnosis With Our Local SEO Audit

Prior to ranking a local business on Google Maps of any region, it’s a complete audit can pave its avenues to rank higher and quicker. Because an in-depth Local SEO audit will examine the health of a local business as well as its site and remove all the hurdles to its ranking. At Globials, we make it possible with less time and more efficiency, as our primary focus is on some particular approaches.


Examine GMB Profile

In order to determine whether a local business is well-established and comprehensive or not, we thoroughly examine its GMB profile and put efforts to enhance its visibility.


Explore Google Penalties

We track the ranking-dropping factors of a local business, like, unnatural link structures, spammy site links, mysterious mobile redirects, user-generated spam, and more.


Check Keyword Targeting

We put our intense sight over the targeted keywords because an inappropriate keyword can drop the ranking and vice versa, so we always choose the right & rankable keywords.


Search Duplicate Pages

To prevent the cloaking and duplicating of the content, we analyse all the web pages and ensure fresh and unique content overall the site to boost its ranking in local searches.