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Reorg Portfolio

Reorg is a global provider of credit intelligence, data, and analytics. They helped investors, traders, advisors, portfolio managers, and legal and financial professionals to make more calculated and faster investment and business decisions.

These were the stumbling blocks on the website.

Challenges Faced

  • In Reorg Portfolio: The website has traffic but not much (as they required more), and the keywords they’ve used in this website had high competition.
  • Low domain authority and trust flow of the website make it difficult to rank in the search engines. 
  • The site’s on-page content was not properly optimised, and no CTAs were implemented.
  • The low count of internal linking among the internal pages didn’t allow the authorities to move in the website pages. 
  • Another major problem was the website loading speed (taking more than 8 seconds) which disrupted the website’s reputation. 
  • The website had many bugs and issues that needed to be fixed to rank higher.
  • The next thing was the poor site mapping which caused the crawl errors.
  • Multiple pages were not indexed, which affects the ranking on search results.
  • The site was getting low-quality and irrelevant links that negatively affected the authority.
Reorg Keywords
Techniques we used to resolve the issues

Solutions provided in Reorg Portfolio

  • We performed the site audit and resolved various onsite issues like website speed, load time, URL structure, image alt text, etc.
  • We optimised meta tags, created different landing pages and inoculated relevant keywords while modifying the content on the pages.
  • We have done keyword analysis targeting their niche and optimised the web pages according to the keyword research.
  • Enhanced the architecture of the website by internal linking, which helps the authority to revolve in the website
  • We worked on an effective link-building strategy and created high-quality, niche-relevant backlinks to strengthen the authority and local citations to optimise the site locally.
  • We knew we could generate more organic traffic by optimising the content of the pages according to keyword research.
Reorg Before
Reorg After

Our Results

We started our services in Feb 2020 and ended in July 2021. So far, in these few months, the website has ranked on the first page of google SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) and appeared on the searches for many keywords.

Since we started working for Reorg Portfolio, organic traffic has increased by 62% per month, and the website has started to rank with 16k+ keywords. The organic traffic improved from 5.3k to 8.3k per month. The ranked keywords also increased from 2.8k to 16.3k.