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Content Writing Steps Institution Portfolio

Steps Institution, a brand of Al-Zahra Education Ltd, is a leading provider of security training and education services in London, UK. Founded to empower young and adult members of society, Steps Institution offers a range of SIA licenses and training programs designed to help individuals become security officers in the UK. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to excellence, Steps Institution has established itself as a trusted and respected institution in the security industry.

These were the stumbling blocks on the website.

Challenges Faced

  •  To write about security training and education effectively, a complete understanding of the subject matter is required. This can be a challenge for complex and unfamiliar topics.
  • Educational content can be dry or boring if not presented engagingly. We must find ways to make the content interesting and interactive to keep readers engaged.
  • Educational and training content must be accurate and well-researched. 
  • Security training content must comply with relevant industry regulations and standards. It can be challenging to stay up-to-date on these regulations and ensure their content adheres to them.
  • It is important for security training content to be accurate, reliable, and unbiased. 
  • We need to write SEO-friendly content that is readable to the target audience.
Steps Institution Portfolio
Techniques we used to resolve the issues

Solutions provided by Globials

  • We researched every topic and asked questions as needed to understand the subject completely.
  • We verified the information they included in their content to maintain accuracy by checking multiple sources and consulting experts.
  •  To create content that resonates with the target audience, we consider the needs, interests, and preferences of different groups of readers and adapt our content accordingly to meet the audience’s needs.
  •  To ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards, we wrote content that stays up-to-date on these regulations.
  • We did comprehensive keyword research and wrote our content according to the keywords to improve the site’s ranking.

Steps Institution Results

We started our services in 2021; after our content was published on the site, the ranking on SERPs increased on many keywords. By writing engaging and compelling content, the visibility and credibility of sites increase.