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Willing to Do is a website that publishes a wide range of articles and blog posts on various topics and niches. It has high-quality, informative content that is useful and interesting to the readers. Whether you are looking for information on a specific topic or just want to browse through various interesting articles, Willing to Do has something for everyone.

These were the stumbling blocks on the website.

Challenges Faced

  • To increase the visibility of website content, we had to optimise our writing for search engines. 
  • We need to write SEO-friendly content that attracts the audience and develops their interest. 
  • To create a cohesive and professional image, we must maintain a consistent style and tone throughout the content.
  • To create content that resonates with readers, we must thoroughly understand the target audience.
  • To keep readers engaged, we have to write our content in interesting and interactive ways.
  • We are required to make changes to content based on feedback from clients. This can be a challenge as we must balance the need to make changes with the need to maintain the integrity of our work.
  • Comprehensive keyword research required for different kinds of topics which can help the site to rank on search engines.
Willing to do portfolio
Techniques we used to resolve the issues

Solutions provided by Globials

  • We wrote the website’s content by ensuring it was informative, useful, and well-written.
  • We write unique and engaging content to attract an organic audience.
  • We publish high-quality and fresh content regularly to keep the website up-to-date and engaging for the visitor. 
  • We did comprehensive keyword research that matched the content, had low competition, and wrote the content according to it. 
  • We incorporated relevant keywords into the content and followed the best on-page optimisation practices.
  • We ensure that the content has no writing or grammar mistakes.
  • We write SEO-friendly content and ensure that there is no keyword stuffing

Willing To Do Results

We started our content writing services in 2021, and after that website started to rank on search engines. Due to high-quality and engaging content, organic traffic increased on the website. By attracting more traffic and ranking well on the search engine, the credibility and reputation of the website increase with users.