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Local SEO The CompuShop Portfolio

The CompuShop is a computer and technology store offering various products and services for personal and professional use. From laptops and desktop computers to software, networking equipment, and accessories, The CompuShop has everything you need to stay connected and productive. The company prides itself on providing top-quality products at competitive prices and excellent customer service and support.

These were the stumbling blocks on the website.

Challenges Faced

  • This website needs help maintaining consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information across all online platforms, which confuses search engines and leads to lower rankings.
  • This website has a limited number of local citations from reputable websites, which impacts its local SEO and makes it harder to rank in local search results.
  • This website has many low-quality citations pointing to it, which badly impacts its local SEO.
  • Ineffective GMB optimisation impacts the website’s ranking in local search results and makes it less appealing to potential customers.
  • The business wasn’t optimised for local keywords resulting in low organic traffic. 
The Compushop
The Compushop Local SEO Portfolio
Techniques we used to resolve the issues

Solutions provided by Globials

  • We updated the information on all directories and platforms to ensure consistent NAP. 
  • We worked on local citations, which resulted in a high ranking of business on search engines.
  • We optimised the GMB listing by ensuring that the listing had accurate and complete information, including categories and photos.
  • We conducted local keyword research, analysed the search trends, and ranked the website on effective local keywords.
The Compushop Local SEO Portfolio Before
The Compushop Local SEO Portfolio After

Our Results

We started our services for Compushop in 2021, and the business rank on many local keywords. We optimised GMB listing, and built high-quality and improved local citations, which increased the business’s visibility and credibility. With our local SEO, improved search engine ranking and online visibility attract more local customers, which increases the business’s revenue.