Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy Note 

At, we ask visitors to create their accounts or send us a quote for getting to know about our digital marketing services. This way, we get ample personal info from a lot of sources. You may have some concerns about it, like, if your nerves send a signal to your brain, whether my personal data will remain safe or not here. 

So, you do not have to worry about it because we give a 100% guarantee to keep all the info safe and secure that we collect from our worthy clients. By the way, we alter the collected data via encryption to keep it safe from any concerns of cyber security and data breaches, etc. 

Well!, how we shield your personal info, all are described here comprehensively. So, you can get an overview of our privacy policy service and figure out what measures we take in this regard.

Our Privacy Policy Overview 

Firstly, you must have noticed that this is a marketing company site based in Pakistan as well as the UK. To deliver our digital marketing services, we have to collect some personal data of users. Understanding your data privacy, our working process is very carefully designed. So, all the collected info will be analysed first and then move to further processing with the utmost assurance of its safety and privacy. 

What data do we get from your side?

Generally, when a user lands on, registers here or subscribes to our newsletter, s/he has to provide some of their information to us. Our company asks the users for TWO kinds of data, one is personal and the other is non-personal. Let us critique both sides. 

Your Personal Data

Here at Globials, we ask you for your;

  • Name, Company Details, Mailing Address, Email, Contact Number
  • Info about your accreditation in order to know your personal identity verification and inspection
  • Info about all the affairs for which you want to take our expert pieces of advice

Your Non-Personal Data

Apart from your personal info, there is also some non-personal info that can be asked for you by the company side. Such as some technical info about your internet connection or service provider, operating system, PC size, working module, etc. 

All of such info is mandatory to narrow down the communication gap between the company and users. Moreover, it also assists in project dealings and sharing data.  

How We Use Your Personal Info

Globials keeps things in the record but your given personal info is used for several purposes. Don’t worry! We don’t spam

  • We use the info that you provide us, for responding to our customer service requests and ensuring an active support system by contacting you and sorting all of your queries.
  • We analyse the user experience of our site that how the visitors get leverage from the resources and services we provide on the site, and what their response to them.  
  • We strive to make changes to our site and improvements in delivering our services as per our visitors’ feedback in order to provide them with what they want to get here. 
  • While promoting our services, running survey campaigns, making a purchase, or for another sit feature, we perform in-depth research on the information that we collect from the users’ side, based on their interests, behaviours, and particular demographics. 
  • In order to provide services as per the user’s demand and ease in processing the payments, we have to use the info what we get from the user’s side.

How we Protect Users’ Personal Info

As we don’t compromise on the data protection of anyone, we strictly adopt well-appropriated and applicable practices for collecting, storing, and processing users’ data. We take strict measures to protect personal information, including usernames, passwords, transaction details, and stored data against alteration, disclosure, destruction, or unauthorised access to our site. 

How We Use Browser Cookies

In order to enhance user experience, Globials uses cookies. While browsing our site, users’ web browsers create cookies on their hard drives. This helps in tracking their info and keeping their records.   

Here, users have a choice to accept or refuse cookies while landing on our site. They can do what they want. BUT if they reject our cookies, several functions of our site may not properly work on their browsers.  

By the way, some cookies permit us to figure out our site’s traffic. Thus, we can analyse and monitor our site performance and ensure all the possible improvements. Moreover, if users don’t allow these cookies, we will not be able to find them in our site searches. 

Your Rights in Our Privacy Policy

In our Privacy Policy we provide a wide room for you to exercise your rights free of any cost. Therefore, you have the right; 

  • To rectify all the errors (if any happen) in your given info
  • To get all the personal info that you have given us in a well-optimised and machine-readable format, along with the consent to transform all the data to an arbitrator 
  • To remove your personal info related to any situation 
  • To protest against any decision that is taken by mechanical means producing any legitimate effects limited to you
  • To object to processing personal info related to direct marketing at any time 
  • To object to any legislation while your data is processing, and in certain situations, you may constrain to cancel further proceedings whenever you want

How can You Contact Us?

If you need to get further details, have any query regarding our Privacy Policy, or want our assistance in any of your business affairs. You can approach us via our given contact details;

Globials – B2B SEO Agency 

Our Email Address:

Our Head Offices

UK: Unit 208, Pillbox Studios 115 Coventry Road, London E26 GG                              

Pak: Office 115, 1st Floor, Center Point, Jaranwala Road Faisalabad

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