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Local SEO Audit Services

Let us to do a thorough assessment of your local business and its search engine rankings with our result-oriented Local SEO audit services and take actions to improve or maintain your local online presence.

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Local SEO Audit Services - The Way to Think Global & Work Local

Being a trusted name in delivering Local SEO services, we are proficient in analysing the strengths and weaknesses of a local business and a website to create workaholic strategies. 

Service Overview;

Escalate Your Local Business Rapidly with Our Local SEO Audit Services!

To provide you more visibility in the local 3 pack, Local SEO is a crucial approach. And for this, the basic element is the Local SEO audit. Because it’s quite important to know about your site performance, online reputation, and competitors’ tactics before moving strategically. 

Our Local SEO audit services work well for all the brick-and-mortar businesses that demand high ROI with a large audience on their doorsteps. For startups, we create business profiles on Google My Business, target the relevant SEO keywords, and analyse the competition. However, if a business is claimed to be in Google listing at a particular location, we ensure the complete updated and exact info about the business, a deep analysis of competitors and local business directories, and overall online performance. As a result, such vital information of the local search directs enough traffic to the site and folks to the physical location of either storefront, office, or any small business. We mainly focus on;

Service Insight

About Our Local SEO Audit

Our Local SEO audit services anxiously work to assess local businesses with all their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, we analyse the search engine rankings of the websites as well. According to assessment and analysis results, we fabricate the proper and strategic plans for which and where modifications and alterations are required to boost the business and ranking. 

The Local SEO audit is crucial to diagnose the plus points as well as negative points of a local business and its associated website. With the assistance of the right tools and resources, we examine the overall On-Page and Off-Page SEO for the region-specific relevant keywords. Resultantly, you can stand any local business, a retail outlet, office, boutique, restaurant, or storefront, to the targeted audience.

If your business is already listed in GMB, then just 1 week is required for its Local SEO audit and a few modifications and adjustments. While this period of time, we analyse and uncover the necessary SEO opportunities and keep you in the loop during weekly or bi-weekly check-ins. 

We offer our THREE packages depending on the particular Local SEO audit services. Each one has particular features. Therefore, their rates also vary. So, go through all of them and choose the best to get our service. However, we also offer cost-efficient service by understanding our clients’ budgets. To get this service, visit Our Packages page.

Our Core Competencies 

Competitor Analysis

We analyse the competition on your targeted keywords on which your GMB, local listings, reviews, and social activities rank and rely.

GMB Profile Analysis

We let your business upfront with the right and updated info to your GMB profile and establish your credibility to rank in the local 3 pack.

Local Citations Analysis

We create high-profile local business directories and NAP citations for your local business to ensure your on-site presence by online mode.


Google Analytics Review

We track your web pages via Google Analytics to analyse their overall performance, organic search and linked referring domains to rank well.

Totality Work

Glimpses of Our Local SEO Audit Services for Our Worthy Clients

We have been providing our Local SEO Audit services for hundreds of clients with full contentment for the last five to six years. Some common things that we’ve provided with all our clients;

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