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Social Media Marketing Asher Laub Portfolio

Asher is an incredibly talented and accomplished violinist with an excellent background in classical music and a talent for trans-genre improvisation. Beginning his training at just 2 years old, he quickly rose to prominence as a performer, appearing with the Buffalo philharmonic at 13. Since then, Asher has built a successful career as a soloist, performing at renowned venues across four continents and being featured on PBS, CNN, WABC, and NBC, among other primary news sources. With his expertise and versatility, Asher is in high demand as a performer, captivating audiences with his musical skills and artistry.

These were the stumbling blocks on the website.

Challenges Faced

  • In Asher Laub Portfolio: Classical music has a niche audience, and it is very challenging to reach and engage with this audience through social media.
  • Asher’s talent for trans-genre improvisation sets him apart from other classical musicians, and it was challenging to communicate effectively and promote this aspect of his talent on social media.
  • As a soloist, Asher did not have the same level of visibility and resources as larger, more established classical music groups. Building and maintaining relationships with followers may require extra effort and strategy.
  • Social media platforms are constantly changing and updating their algorithms, which makes it difficult to reach and engage with followers effectively.
  • Social media is a two-way conversation, and it’s essential to manage and respond to feedback and interactions with followers promptly and professionally.
  • To effectively market Asher on social media, staying up to date with industry trends and best practices requires a lot of research and learning.
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Techniques we used to resolve the issues

Solutions provided in Asher Laub Portfolio

  • To reach and engage with a classical music audience, we targeted specific demographics and interests through social media advertising and using hashtags and communities related to classical music to connect with potential followers. 
  • We effectively promote Asher’s unique style and expertise by creating and sharing content that showcases his talent and versatility, such as videos or audio clips of his performances. 
  • To build and maintain relationships with followers, we used social media to showcase Asher’s personality and connect with his audience on a personal level. This involves sharing personal stories, photos, and other content that gives followers a sense of Asher as a person.
  • We regularly checked in with industry news and followed social media best practices to stay updated with changing algorithms and platform updates. We also used social media analytics tools to help track Asher’s performance and understand the impact of changes on his reach and engagement.
  • To effectively manage and respond to feedback, it’s important to be prompt, professional, and respectful when interacting with followers on social media. We used social media monitoring tools to help track and manage feedback and interactions.
  • To stay up to date with industry trends and best practices, we regularly researched and learned about new developments and strategies in social media marketing for classical music.

Our Results

In Asher Laub Portfolio: By effectively addressing challenges and implementing effective strategies and tactics, we helped Asher increase his online presence, connect with his audience, and achieve his goals as a soloist. Potential outcomes of your efforts include increased visibility and awareness for Asher, stronger connections with his followers, and increased engagement and bookings for his performances.