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Technical SEO Services

Make your site more compatible with search engines with our market-competitive Technical SEO services. You will get better SEO results for your site that will accelerate on all devices very well. 

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Technical SEO Services- The Straight Drive to Target, Align, & Accelerate

We ensure a better search experience for your site’s web pages to make them easy to crawl, index, and rank in search engines by fixing all the bugs adeptly.

Service Overview;

Retain Your Site's Performance via the Execution of our Technical SEO Services!

To rank a website in search engines, it has to make sure it’s crawling and indexing properly. For this, it’s inevitable to assess the existing SEO status of a site and figure out the aspects that need to improve for the overall site performance. To analyse them, Technical SEO services are so crucial. 

In the current scenario, when Google has updated its algorithms, it’s not easy to stay on top, especially for the new sites. But it can only happen if a site has fulfilled the essential technical requirements. At Globials, our Technical SEO services experts are confined to all the components of a site that play a major role in boosting its online performance. Such as, we increase the site’s loading speed to decrease the bounce rate. Moreover, we work on improving Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Content Quality, Robots Exclusion Standard (robots.txt), and XML sitemap. Regardless of any CMS, we ensure the smooth working of a site with our killer Technical SEO tactics. Our prime focus is on;

Service Insight

About Our Technical SEO

Our Technical SEO services work to make sure whether a website is compatible with the search engine rules and guidelines or not. Once a site crawls and indexes to the search engines, that’s the green signal to exhibit there is no any technical issue. So, basically, we perform a Technical SEO audit first to analyse the issue or bugs, then fix them accordingly. 

The significance of Technical SEO exhibits that a website is easy to navigate without any technical flaws. Ultimately, the site has no hurdle in ranking as it has crawled and indexed properly. This way, ample organic traffic moves to the site. There will be more chances to turn visitors into potential customers. Overall, the site’s performance will boost.

As Technical SEO is as worthwhile for a website as a diet plan for people to live healthily. In the same way, a particular time is required for this service as well. According to the current Google updates, Technical SEO service may prolong from 4-6 months to 10-12 months or more. Because after ranking on search engines, it’s essential to sustain the position. 

We offer our THREE packages depending on several Technical SEO techniques. Each one has particular features. Therefore, their rates also vary. So, go through all of them and choose the best to get our service. However, we also offer cost-efficient service by understanding our clients’ budgets. To get this service, visit Our Packages page. 

Our Core Competencies 

Creating Robot.txt Files

We instruct search engines to crawl web pages via these files and restrict crawlers from viewing unimportant pages by blocking them.

Building XML & HTML Sitemaps

We make your site easy to crawl in the Google search engines via building XML & HTML sitemaps which serve as roadmaps.

Ensuring Site Mobile-Friendly

We develop mobile-friendly websites by mobile-indexing to create ease for those who run their businesses most on their phones.

Optimising Page Speed

We ensure the long users stay on your site by faster loading speed. Increasing the loading speed means decreasing the bounce rate.

Totality Work

Glimpses of Our Technical SEO Services for Our Worthy Clients

We have been delivering our Technical SEO services to hundreds of clients with high appreciation for the last five years. While this journey, we have mainly provided our clients;