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K9 Clinics is a dog fertility clinic based in London, where certified and professional vets offer breeding and grooming services for dogs. 

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An Escalated Organic Search Ranking Scale Their Dog Breeding & Grooming Expertise.

Globials provided the reliable solutions for accelerating the overall site performance of K9 Clinics with proven tactics, including: 


The Challenges They Faced


The Solutions We Provided

The Results We Delivered

We started this project in February 2022, when the site had minimum to no organic traffic. In the course of one year, till March 2023, the site gained 968 organic search traffic. It’s about a 483X increase in just one year. Simply, you can say that K9 Clinics got a huge boost in their monthly traffic and, till now, established sustainable site visitors. 

Along with SEO, we provide our tried-and-tested Local SEO services for K9 Clinics. Resultantly, the business started to rank on many local keywords. Optimising the GMB listing, including relevant business info and high-quality, consistent NAP citations, also improved the ranking in the local 3 pack. That’s the reason behind 867 business profile interactions, 7205 business profile views, and 1508 searches showed K9 Clinics in local search results.

When Shift Happens, SEO Pays Off

Like every local service provider, K9 Clinics wanted to thrive at the forefront of the world of canine fertility. As Globials understood the importance of local visibility and credibility of a business in the online realm, this canine fertility business revamped and gained sky-rocket growth.

With the right and effective SEO strategy, K9 Clinics not only appear prominently in search engine results but also attract the right audience. Utilising relevant and competitive keywords, creating high-quality and unique content, properly optimising the whole website content, and high-quality link-building strategies enhance the overall user experience of the website. Ultimately, when potential clients seek canine fertility and grooming services, the K9 Clinics highlighted among the top contenders. 

Our Deliveries

483X Increase in Organic Traffic

K9 Clinics experienced dramatic growth in organic search traffic through an effective keyword strategy as well as user-friendly and well-optimised content that converts the reader.

265 Keywords Rank in Higher SERPs

K9 Clinics now ranks on up to 250 highly competitive keywords worldwide; among those, 130+ keywords gain more traffic from the United Kingdom alone.

867 Business Profile Interactions

In the current scenario, the business gained 867 profile interactions by regularly posting updates, responding to customer reviews, and optimising for local keywords. 

Up to 1500 Local Searches on the Business Profile

In the current scenario, the business gained 867 profile interactions by regularly posting updates, responding to customer reviews, and optimising for local keywords. 

Globials’ outstanding and smart SEO as well as Local SEO techniques, transformed K9 Clinics’s growth trajectory, enabling them to produce high-quality dog breeds. That’s more than what they were looking for. With a high ranking, quality leads, and sustainable growth, K9 Fertility Clinic got more than its expectations.