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Social Media Marketing Portfolio

SMM portfolio is a collection of work that showcases a marketer’s skills and experience in managing social media accounts and campaigns.

social media marketing Portfolio

SMM Portfolio Annabajar

Anna Bajar is a talented singer/songwriter hailing from Brazil. With the ability to sing in both English and Portuguese, Anna has a diverse range of appeal and can reach audiences across the globe. Her latest release, “I Don’t Know”.

Asher official
social media marketing Portfolio

Social Media Marketing Asher Laub Portfolio

Asher is an incredibly talented and accomplished violinist with an excellent background in classical music and a talent for trans-genre improvisation. Beginning his training at just 2 years old, he quickly rose to prominence as a performer, appearing with philharmonic.A

Chandelle paints
social media marketing Portfolio

Social Media Marketing Chandellepaints Portfolio

Chandelepaints is company that specializes in creating unique and decorative wall paint designs and refinishing furniture in unusual and creative ways. They can help you transform your home or business.